Thursday, January 5, 2012

My sparkling world

My sparkling world, here I am...Scrubbin' Bubbles post was right on.  I have to empathize with his views on the sound waves colliding and not feeling like protests can really amount to much in the way of change at the end of the day.  However, the mechanisms for change in the political world are so sadly slow and bureaucratic that it seems to amount to something just to be able to register your feelings somewhere.  Sometimes you get so built up that you need an outlet, and the current political system is not so good at allowing that, especially if you want to socialize with others who have similar perspectives.  Write a letter to my senator?  Why bother?  You'll get a formal form letter registering your view and no follow up and no real contact with anyone afterward.  However, attend a protest for a cause you are vested in and you'll be able to express your views, exchange ideas, and maybe even get a little inspiration that your cause is a common concern.  I am all for the Wall Street protests, whatever form or intensity, for the dissatisfaction that they register.  Anything beyond that is a bonus, and I really feel like such sheer numbers have been noticed, even if sometimes in a negative light...they are getting traction.  I agree that they could do better to have a common aim(s), but it's also a shame that most politicians are distancing themselves from this movement in a way that might fail to ever make a common aim apparent.  I agree that now is a very easy time to feel useless, but also a very pivotal time to make your voice heard.  I'm not going to start carrying my "I am the 99%" flag around with me and camp out in the streets, but I do see much merit in the Wall Street movement and would challenge the current political miasma to lend a sympathetic ear.  There is much opportunity for a dialogue to understand why people are so upset, me included.  Either way, this is surely a defining moment of 2011, either locally or nationally.  Let it touch you!

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