Saturday, July 31, 2010

C.I.A.>>>>>World Full of Lumpens

Outrageously stunning video stylings courtesy of Yayoi Kusama:

I've never seen anyone that could make polka dots haunting and evil. Somehow this woman makes it her life's work. Soundz by Citizens for Interplanetary Activity!!!


Weak in the Splitz...the future? Worthless!

I just got inspired...excellent weirdo side from R. Stevie Moore! Love those expressions...and that baritone wash.

Also, in local news, there's a pretty sweet local lady who goes by VVAQRT that has an excellent one-sided cassette out's pretty special. She's straight out of Saxapahaw and she comes bearing guns. Check out some sounds clipz here. Also, gander at some of the lyrics to her songs. Pretty wicked original left field fastball. Click on the pics for the wind-up and the pitch; peace bitch!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Haunted Graffiti

Hey free radicals...

Tomorrow night, the twenty-ninth of July in the year of twenty and ten, the one and only Ariel Pink and his Haunted Graffiti will be gracing the stage of the Local 506 in Chapel Hill. This should be a sexcellent show! I saw Ariel Pink play in 2006 and he was on fire. These guys know how to deliver some damaged pop tunes. The new album, Before Today, is really great too. You can read a review and hear a sound snippet here.
Mr. Daniel Lopatin mentions 'Before Today' in the July edition of the Wire magazine and he says, "[Pink] traverses every era of pop and does his damaged take, but he's definitely into the soft rock aspects." Soft rock aspects anyone? Get your ticket in advance here.

Also, this guy should be there breaking it don't miss it:

Aquí vengo!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pykrete @ Nightlight in Chapel Hill July 24

Went to the Pykrete release party with WrinkleButt the other night. It was the last stop on a brief east coast tour. That's a real nice synthy box thing that Chuck has. It made good sounds and I took crappy photos.

The visuals were courtesy Neil Prewitt of Yuxtapongo fame. Below is a previous collaboration of theirs.

The Pykrete/Neill Prewitt jam starts at 7:45.

Yuxtapongo Episode 13 from JamPak on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lower Dens - Twin-Hand Movement

I recently heard "Hospice Gates" from Lower Dens new record and I love it! I look forward to hearing more of this album!
Pitchfork remarks that 'Hunter's deep, smooth voice-- comparable to PJ Harvey's, especially on grittier tracks like "Completely Golden"-- is woven in with the least trebly of the instruments, whispery yet tensile. When it's time for the guitars to show off with elaborate arpeggios, gurgling shreds, and distant, glittery calls-and-responses, she stands back from the mic entirely, or at least gives the instruments, including her own, a long intro. Even when her lyrics are a key component of a song, she can sound (like Beach House's Victoria Legrand) a little lost in the mix, as if the force of the instruments were threatening to blow her away. The rare tracks where she's loudest are just as strong as the others: there's the slight "Truss Me", whose title is a good indication of how slow and loose the song is, and "Two Cocks", a joyous, robust potential single.' Continue reading from pitchfork ...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Just stumbled upon this blog, it has quite a bit of music to "sample."



Saturday, July 10, 2010

(w)ring necklace

here's a rather nice collection of sound collage from the books when they appeared on dublab (which I guess is in L.A.)...their new album is coming out soon and it's out there in the blogosphere somewhere for those of you who are more curious and impatient (like me) than others.

Free Music Archive: The Books - A Collage Crystallization (11.23.09)

sorry, i tried to embed but it didn't work so well. see the free music archive for more similar stuff.

OMG...double complete rainbow!

Here's a random selection of nice videos:

study for crystal world from kevin.eugene.clark on Vimeo.

Animated Self-Portrait from kevin.eugene.clark on Vimeo.

2 of these are by Carrboro emigrant Kevin Clark! Can you guess which two?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Royale Éphémère

no squid frame is spared the drag
would you softly never eat angel food?
one posed fork of chewy clouds
in extant geil; the saddle of stratus,
'A' transitive ghost typist
placing pieces of feather forn
into busy cocooned mitts
feigning weight for hands free suspension
mind the moon wires
watch liquids miss mouths
black in the tiniest teeth
hardly typing, no jetted drift of the lids
the one equinas, our best drifter
advising us to hardly ever place
weights in the black event horizon
pulling sea for vacuum meat sweets
to this date, mouthing no-hair singular forms wet
while vestiges do repel cords of mantle (spinor) cavities