Saturday, January 21, 2012

Get Your Ass to Mars

NIce and SIc video that was given to us by the Resonant Hole crew: 
Resonant Hole is a Lexington, KY based Music/Video/Art collective cultivating dream-reality damaged audio-visual spew blurring the lines between what is "real" and what is "fake", further adding to the confusion of everyday life.
The magic makeup is killing me...I need some of this to rub on my teets.  

Also, if interested, head over to the Night People website and check out some of Shawn Reed's new t-shirt designs.  They are totally central and typify the Night People LP sleeve design you might be partial to.  Be transported there instantly by clicking here.  Go to Distributed Releases section at the bottom and score.  I love you.  
DELUXE DOUBLE FOLD A 2011 Night-People Download Compilation.

Oh, question for you think if someone came from Mars and saw me crying and you laughing that they would know which was good and which was bad?  

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