Thursday, January 19, 2012

Curling Ponds with Ruby Eyed Bolus

Don't be swayed by the Wire's shitty charts this year.  You should post your own here (and click on the pogo ball for extra fun).  Here's another installment of my favorites for 2011:

20.  Richard Youngs – I Dream of Mezzanine/Cloudplanes (Spring Press)

19.  Tyler the Creator – Goblin (with bonus tracks) (XL Recordings)

18.  Keith Fullerton Whitman – Regaining Composure b/w Negating Freedom (Ekhein)

17.  Jean-Claude Eloy – Yo-In (Hors Territoires)

16.  Andrew Chalk – Violin By Night (Faraway Press)

15.  Tomutonttu - Elävänä Planeetalla (New Images)

14.  Matt Carlson - Particle Language (DRAFT)

13.  Frieder Butzmann – Wie Zeit Vergeht (Pan)

12.  Gruppo NPS – Nuove Proposte Sonore 1965 - 1972 (Die Schachtel)

11.  Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer - Re ECM (ECM)

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