Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2011 Failed To Kill Me

Pictureplane "Thee Physical"
FaltyDL "You Stand Uncertain"
Kuedo "Severant"
Machinedrum "Room(s)"
Rustie "Glass Swords"
Clams Casino "Rainforest/Instrumental Mixtape"
2562 "Fever"
Martyn "Ghost People"
ASAP Rocky "LiveLoveASAP"
Hyetal "Broadcast"

Keep it Trilla in 2012 buddy bawlz

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Get Your Ass to Mars

NIce and SIc video that was given to us by the Resonant Hole crew: 
Resonant Hole is a Lexington, KY based Music/Video/Art collective cultivating dream-reality damaged audio-visual spew blurring the lines between what is "real" and what is "fake", further adding to the confusion of everyday life.
The magic makeup is killing me...I need some of this to rub on my teets.  

Also, if interested, head over to the Night People website and check out some of Shawn Reed's new t-shirt designs.  They are totally central and typify the Night People LP sleeve design you might be partial to.  Be transported there instantly by clicking here.  Go to Distributed Releases section at the bottom and score.  I love you.  
DELUXE DOUBLE FOLD A 2011 Night-People Download Compilation.

Oh, question for you think if someone came from Mars and saw me crying and you laughing that they would know which was good and which was bad?  

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Curling Ponds with Ruby Eyed Bolus

Don't be swayed by the Wire's shitty charts this year.  You should post your own here (and click on the pogo ball for extra fun).  Here's another installment of my favorites for 2011:

20.  Richard Youngs – I Dream of Mezzanine/Cloudplanes (Spring Press)

19.  Tyler the Creator – Goblin (with bonus tracks) (XL Recordings)

18.  Keith Fullerton Whitman – Regaining Composure b/w Negating Freedom (Ekhein)

17.  Jean-Claude Eloy – Yo-In (Hors Territoires)

16.  Andrew Chalk – Violin By Night (Faraway Press)

15.  Tomutonttu - Elävänä Planeetalla (New Images)

14.  Matt Carlson - Particle Language (DRAFT)

13.  Frieder Butzmann – Wie Zeit Vergeht (Pan)

12.  Gruppo NPS – Nuove Proposte Sonore 1965 - 1972 (Die Schachtel)

11.  Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer - Re ECM (ECM)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

George Harrison - Electronic Sound (Zapple, 1969)

No, you're not dreamingthe author of this album of experimental electronic music is THE George Harrison of the Beatles. The band's fans often find themselves completely dropped in front of this object that has no popDo not expect psychedelic rock. Two side long pieces that explore today's vintage synthsto break away from the sounds that NASA would not disownThis is apparently the first album using the MoogYou have been warned

George Harrison
Electronic Sound

LP Zapple 3358 (UK, 1969)

01. Under the Mersey Wall
02. No Time or Space

Note : Hard as it is to believe, George Harrison, guitar picker, was also an electronic music pioneer, as these two lengthy, abstract tone poems for early-vintage Moog synthesizer reveal. A naif in the electronic sphere, George had a lot of help putting this music together, particularly from ace California electronic composer Bernie Krause. Interestingly, Krause was originally given prominent credit in the artist's childlike artwork on the LP cover, but when the album came out, Krause's name was almost, but not quite, obscured by silver paint, and the CD erases it entirely. The main difference between the CD reissue and the original LP is that the identities of the two works apparently have been reversed; "Under the Mersey Wall" is really "No Time or Space" and vice-versa. Accordingly, Krause is given "assistance" credit for the latter piece instead of the former, which is significant because "No Time or Space" is the masterpiece of the record. Dramatically structured, unearthly in its pitchless writhing, flamboyantly manipulating pink and white noise from the opening electronic gun battle onward, "No Time or Space" is still an entertaining listening experience, and some of its passages would turn up later in the "I Remember Jeep" jam from Harrison's All Things Must Pass album. The shorter "Mersey Wall," recorded in Harrison's Esher bungalow with his own Moog, is a low-key, drifting affair, not quite as virtuosic in its handling of abstract sound, nor nearly as theatrical. The sound is slightly sharper in the CD remastering, exposing more extraneous distortion and hum. Though scoffed at when they were released, these pieces can hold their own and then some with many of those of other, more seriously regarded electronic composers. And when you consider that synthesizers were only capable of playing one note at a time and sounds could not be stored or recalled with the push of a button, the achievement becomes even more remarkable. Alas, George never followed up on this direction, which, like the Zapple label, was abandoned after this release.

(Originally posted on the Local Musical blog)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Octahedron :: Icosahedron :: Dodecahedron :: Tetrahedron :: Cube

Continuing the nasty from a few days ago.  

A few more here:

30.  Simon Henneman - 
Black Magic and Moustache (Assophon)

29.  Heatsick - Intersex (Pan)

28.  Necks - Mindset (ReR Megacorp)

27.  Keiji Haino/Jim O'Rourke/Oren Ambarchi - 
In A Flash Everything Comes Together As One 
There Is No Need For A Subject (Black Truffle)

26.  Smegma & Joseph Van Wissem - 
Suite the Hen's Teeth (Incunabulum)

25.  Julia Holter - The Tragedy (Leaving)

24.  Jim O’Rourke & Carlos Giffoni - 
Japan Tour 2011 (No Fun)

23.  Tooth Ache - Flash & Yearn (self released)

22.  Caboladies - Renewable 
Destination (Students of Decay)

21.  Bob & Lou - 
Five Tracks 1991-1993 (Ultra Eczema)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Such sweet notes...

piya bin chain nahi aavat

I leave you with this as a tribute to a peaceful evening:

For SB

Thought you might enjoy this:

My sparkling world

My sparkling world, here I am...Scrubbin' Bubbles post was right on.  I have to empathize with his views on the sound waves colliding and not feeling like protests can really amount to much in the way of change at the end of the day.  However, the mechanisms for change in the political world are so sadly slow and bureaucratic that it seems to amount to something just to be able to register your feelings somewhere.  Sometimes you get so built up that you need an outlet, and the current political system is not so good at allowing that, especially if you want to socialize with others who have similar perspectives.  Write a letter to my senator?  Why bother?  You'll get a formal form letter registering your view and no follow up and no real contact with anyone afterward.  However, attend a protest for a cause you are vested in and you'll be able to express your views, exchange ideas, and maybe even get a little inspiration that your cause is a common concern.  I am all for the Wall Street protests, whatever form or intensity, for the dissatisfaction that they register.  Anything beyond that is a bonus, and I really feel like such sheer numbers have been noticed, even if sometimes in a negative light...they are getting traction.  I agree that they could do better to have a common aim(s), but it's also a shame that most politicians are distancing themselves from this movement in a way that might fail to ever make a common aim apparent.  I agree that now is a very easy time to feel useless, but also a very pivotal time to make your voice heard.  I'm not going to start carrying my "I am the 99%" flag around with me and camp out in the streets, but I do see much merit in the Wall Street movement and would challenge the current political miasma to lend a sympathetic ear.  There is much opportunity for a dialogue to understand why people are so upset, me included.  Either way, this is surely a defining moment of 2011, either locally or nationally.  Let it touch you!

A little late,

A week ago I saw drive, for the second time and declared mid way through (to myself), "album of the year!" a film as album of the year?! Wait a minute. But my logic at the time was, how often do we listen to an album all the way through anymore? Even the best of us music lovers skip tracks here and there. In this day and age of attention spanlessness, perhaps film is the new/old secret home of the album. I am not declaring the album is dead, but I think we are approaching a tipping point, where artists are going to have to invent new ways for their music to be heard (I mean, really listened to) through collaboration with visual artists; the album is not dead, merely evolving. 

but for old times sake here is what I got:

10. Youth Lagoon - the year of hibernation
9. Gil scott heron and jamie xx - were new here
8. Radiohead - king of limbs
7. Kurt Vile - smoke ring for my halo
6. War on drugs - slave ambient
5. Bon Iver - Bon iver
3. Beirut - rip tide
2. Balam Acab - wander/wonder
1. James Blake - James Blake

Albums I loved as well:
The Weeknd - House of Balloons
Matthew Halsall - On the Go
Clams Casino - Instrumental Mixtape
The Caretaker - An Empty Bliss Beyond This World
Stars slinger vs. teams
*AR - Wolf Notes
Carousell - Black Swallow and other Songs

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Occupy Utopia Mixtape

Loyal Wrinkleboro visitors will pardon the author for his lack of thematic or musical imagination in night-capping our good buddy, the year 2011. Loyal Wrinkleboro visitors will not think to themselves, "This guy and his YACHT and his utopia, oy vey." Furthermore, the mixtape offered below is the result of an idea that captured me last year, not necessarily the tunes that did, although there are a few of those within. Any with a taste for the more contemporary will find solace in these other fine selections.

For me, the Occupy movement turned a page on November 14th. That morning I picked up a Daily Tarheel that featured a jarring photo spread of some “known anarchists” being evicted by the assault-rifle-wielding Chapel Hill police from an empty building downtown.  Although the police were clearly bullying harmless protesters, I found I didn’t have all that much sympathy for either side. The guns were an inexcusable mistake, but I also didn't care for the hopeless generalization of the squatters' “Occupy Everything” banners. There has to be a clearer goal. That we all believe in. That we all work toward.

I knew the Occupy thing had jumped the shark completely when I was asked to come up with Occupy-themed slogans for a midnight energy drink scavenger hunt in the library during final exams. You're the 99% done - finish the game! Occupy the library and have a drink at the People's Assembly! If librarians are using Occupy language to promote a night of Taurine-injected corporate sugar bomb consumption, I suspect the movement’s public credibility is waning.

My mixed feelings about OWS stem from my mixed feelings about protest in general... and the unfortunate Bush-era connotations of the word itself, but that's a different essay. Almost ten years ago I drove 2700 miles in three days to go to a G8 protest in Calgary, only to feel awkward and useless. I could barely make it through the abridged version of A People's History because it was so depressing how little all those protests accomplished, a feeling that Zinn himself described in the conclusion. Of course I know there have been successes, lately and in our past, but it's exhausting to be against things all the time. And maybe not always productive.

Take sound waves. Remember how they behave? When two waves of equal size but inverse directions are added together, they cancel each other out. However, when two waves are aligned in the same direction and added, the resulting wave has twice the amplitude. Our country seems to be locked in patterns of opposing waves. Each side gets bigger and louder and more vehement, but still they merely oppose each other and so we make no headway towards a better quality of life.

So. The next logical place to occupy? Utopia, naturally.

My first teenage vision of utopia was a commune that would be collectively owned by my friends and sustained by the goods and services we sold from a farmstead. It was going to have a recording studio, a clinic, a kiln, a restaurant, and hydroelectric power from the river that twisted through our land. It didn’t take too long to see that such a vision is hindered by the improbable geography behind collecting friends in such a way. The solution, then, is a landless Shangri La: to create as much utopia as you can, whoever you're with, wherever you go. What else would you do with this life?

It’s hard to talk about utopia in times like these and not seem naive. It was even hard to find enough songs to fill up a utopian mixtape (i.e., apologies to those un-fond of Kool & the Gang and YACHT [whose  album earlier this year was the obvious catalyst for this mix]). But the challenge is simply to shift one of your waves just enough to be in phase with your neighbor where once it was out. I hope these songs can help you to pursue the sublime in the everyday of 2012.


Love, DJ Scrubbin Bubbles

Yes, it will happen in our lifetimes if we commit all of our energy today to the task of paradise engineering… The future exists first in our imagination, then in our will, then in reality. - YACHT

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Elf Tweeduizend...Geen Ruis Stront


The waves from this past year have been exceedingly numerous and without respite. It's a good thing not to be able to think about each one too long and just enjoy the initial feelings without getting too romantic or academic. And then repeat that ad nauseam. I've been genuinely haunted by a few of these, and I enjoy that. Others have put me right where I want to be when I'm needing to crane my legs, stir up some bunny hops and boogie down with an authentic inspiration.  OK, I'm going to do this piece by piece, but not to keep anyone guessing or on the edge of their seats (all like 3 of you), but because I'd rather not spend 3 hours behind the computer screen doing this all in one pass. Here's my list from this year, starting with 40-31 of my top 40 of 2011. I'll also add some favorite reissues at some point. I'll try to add some sound samples later as well, but this is all I can muster for this evening. Enjoy!

Oh, and please feel free to contribute your favorites from 2011 as well.
El WoTom


40. Alvarius B. – Baroque Primitiva (Poon Village)

39. Temporal Marauder – Temporal Marauder Makes You Feel (Spectrum Spools)

38. Devin Gary and Ross – Four Corners (Arbitrary Signs)

37. V/A – Pacific Support (Draft)

36. Loren Connors – Red Mars (Family Vineyard)

35. James Hoff – How Wheeling Feels When The Ground Walks Away (PAN)

34. Peterlicker – Nicht (Emego)

33. U.S. Girls – U.S. Girls On Kraak (Kraak)

32. Kites / Rodger Stella – Interior Moon (Mutter Wild)

31. Angus Maclise/Tony Conrad/Jack Smith – Dreamweapon I (Boo-Hooray)