Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Typecasts Yo!

Attn: Lilliputians

There is a pretty kick-ass assemblage of mixes available at the Type records website. The Type folks describe them as: radio-style mixes by Type artists presented here for your listening and sharing pleasure. Some of the highlights for me include the Pete Swanson mix, the Molting Music mix, the Yellow Swans mix, and the Black to Comm mix. Don't miss these gems, available for download by your grubby little fingers here.

Also, Bernhard Gunter's Un Peu de Neige Salie album was recently posted on Ubuweb. It's a nice quiet affair that you have to pay attention to if you really want to hear it (really, some of it is barely audible), but it's a good way to unwind in the bath. Grubby fingers.

Last thing...here's an awesome video by Takeshi Murata that Ethan Clauset exposed me to last week at the Nightlight. It's freaky and the sound comes from one Robert Beatty. Some great audiovisuals at work here. Give this one a chance to get all up in your brain!

I'm ready for popcorn.
Anyone out there? Tomoo's wrinkleburner is lonely!


  1. thanks for the typecasts, that dancehall one by North Sea has been on repeat!!

    but I have to say I think that Gunter stuff is evil. It encompasses all of the environmental sounds I hate to hear and try to eliminate from every recordings I make, such as hum from a fridge, or high pitch squealing feedback from a mic. The opposite of unwinding, made me very anxious.

  2. thanks for peeing in MY pants! just kidding...thanks for extending those bloggy little fingers to help out a fellow blogger lost in the blogalicious but harsh e-world. i might have to try walking around with a boom box in second life with that gunter blasting to see what kind of radiation people respond to.

  3. wait...is that possible? boomboxes in second life? I think you should try it in real life at starbocks.

    sorry for the peeing on you back there, but that is the risk you take when you blog, it's not all bj's and waffle cakes.

  4. wait...is it possible to pee in someone's pants while getting a bj?