Monday, February 15, 2010

Night BUzz

I'm totally in the zone tonight. I feel like I'm having all of the right sensory stimulations. I wanted to share what I've been listening to lately in the hopes that others will share a playlist as well. My night buzz zone has been brought to me courtesy of:

1. Yellow Swans - Being There (blissed out rhythmic drones and with all the highs and lows you could ever want...this is a perfect album thus far...i'll have to listen to the 'going places' lp tomorrow night)

2. Mark McGuire - Tidings II (i feel like this guy is massaging my back with a guitar...and it feels like remnants of valentine love)

3. Eero Koivistoinen-The Original Sin (i found this tonight on the mutant sounds blog and it's a gem of a jazzercise record)

4. Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides - Blew In The Face (such an awakening from only 2 musicians...channeling the spiritual tai chi rainturd, lots of one-on-one time with said bearded starbird)

This McGuire album is due for a reissue on Weird Forest records sometime soon...the others are just simply majestic.

Although not part of my evening in space, here's some other releases that have rubbed me the absolute right way lately:
Boyzone - Menarche (Hot Releases)
Julian Lynch - Born 2 Run (Buffalo)
Magical Power Mako - Lo Pop Diamonds
Infinite Body - Carve Out the Face of My God

Anyone else got any jams they want to profess unequivocal love for? Pretty please?


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