Thursday, December 31, 2009

[wxyc]Copy + Paste

So, I kind of stalled out at 13 -- could go further but then I'd have to start looking at other people's lists to refresh my memory on what came out this year. That would be lame. Three way tie for #1.

1. Keith Fullerton Whitman - Taking Away - This is just insanely good. No one else makes music this smart right now.
1. Peaking Lights - Imaginary Falcons - Just beautiful. Was disappointed at first because it's not as immediately gratifying as Clearvoiant, but it's all still there. PISSED I missed them @ NL
1. 3 LP Kluster set on QBICO - Oh my god what a pleasant surprise! Unreleased Kluster tracks, 6 LPs worth. Jesus. Someone buy this for me please?
4. Starving Weirdos - Into an Energy - Zone-out soundtrack of the year. Also the most well-recorded album I happened to like. Excellent headphone material.
5. Secret Boyfriend - Savage Weekend - This tape has been jamming in the boombox glued to the dashboard of my car for months now. Chest-beating noise/beautifully fucked pop songs. Killer diva-karaoke moves live.
6. Yoga - Megafauna - I wasn't crazy about that Matrix Metals CS on NNF everyone was so hyped on, but this is seriously good. Fucking bleak.
7. Russian Tsarlag - Open Casket - How can something so simple be so good? Tsarlag show @ my place was one of my favorites this year. Weirdo bedroom-folk vibes in my bedroom. What?
8. Sean Mccann - Phylum Sigh - Dude needs to slow his roll on his release schedule, but this one is really good. So are some others, I can't remember
9. Infinity Window - Artificial Midnight - I was a total sucker for synth based drone nonsense this year. This one blows most others out of the water (I'm looking at you Hyperborean Trenchtown). Also, really fun-to-look-at album art by Robert Beatty.
10. Expo '70 - White Ohms - This guy is my new Manuel Gottsching. Smoooth.
11. Savage Young Taterbug - Boys of the Feather - Daniel Johnston stylings from some Deadhead crusty-punk wanderer? Sure. Picture of some 14 year old hitting a huge bong on the insert
12. Dreamcolour - Spiritual Celebration - Hitches it's wagon to that Parson Sound eternal groove and holds on. TOTAL fucking blogspammers though. Had a hard time getting past how many messages they've sent me asking me to scope their band.
13. Analog Concept - Listen Already Today to the Music of Past! - Of course I like this.

Blogs of the year: (DUH)
RIP Cassette Tape Superstar & his exceptionally low-quality MP3s



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