Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hey, my last post for the evening...but this new LP by Bill Dixon, Aaron Siegel & Ben Hall entitled "Weight Counterweight gives me a full erection. A spooky erection indeed. Here's a short review from mimaroglu:

documenting a meeting between venerable improviser bill dixon, composer/percussionist aaron siegel, and graveyards / mêlée / brokenresearch’s benhellhall, this quartet of improvisations is a veritable master class on timbral synergy ... esp. with dixon playing the only “melody instrument(largely a-melodic, natch, focusing on tube-resonances & assorted breath/mouth/air pressure fluctuations) alongside the jazz, classical, and extended technique-laced percussion vocabularies of siegel & hall ...

A sound clip available here:

Off to the bouffant...

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