Monday, December 21, 2009

Best Of 2009

I'm reposting these as an entry because I wasn't sure if anyone saw them tucked away in the comments. I also added some movies....

1.Martyn "Great Lengths"
2.2562 "Unbalance"
3.Cloaks "Versus Grain"
4.Demdike Stare "Symbiosis"
5.Kotchy "89"
6.Rival Consoles "IO"
7.The Caretaker "Persistent Repetition Of Phrases"
8.Disrupt "The Bass Has Left The Building"
9.Lukid "Foma"
10.Architeq "Gold + Green"

-12"s, EPs, Etc.:
1.Mount Kimbie "Maybes" & "Sketch On Glass"
2.Rustie "Bad Science"
3.Untold "Sweat/Dante" & "I Can't Stop This Feeling"
4.Jamie Vex'd "In System Travel EP"
5.James Blake "Air & Lack Thereof"
6.Darkstar "Aidy's Girl Is A Computer"
7.Otto Von Schirach "Bass Low/Bass Galactica 8"
8.Tapes "Hissing Theatricals EP"
9.Babylon System "Hyphy/Get On Up"
10.Blue Daisy "Space Ex" & "Strings Detached EP"

-Modeselektor "Body Language, Vol. 8"
-Jay Haze "Fabric 47"
-Magda "Fabric 49"
-DJ/Rupture & Matt Shadetek "Solar Life Raft"
-2562 "FACT Mix 81"
-Martyn "The Count's Secret Planet"
-The Gaslamp Killer "Hell & The Lake Of Fire Are Waiting For You!"

1.District 9
4.Sin Nombre
5.Observe And Report
7.World's Greatest Dad
8.The Perfect Sleep

Here's to 2010 homies

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  1. Thanks for the list man, as well as the discs you sent. The Black to Comm is probably my second favorite after that Oren Ambarchi album on Touch. I'll send you some discs soon. Cheers!