Monday, November 16, 2009

Rainbow Body

I've been tripping out on this new album by Robert A.A. Lowe called "Fazo IV: La Kvalito de Speguloj." It's got some low-key hypnotic komische type synth rhythms going on, and it is soothing my tenderized legs at the moment. I've been listening to it while inebriated and it's got my mind a-turning. This is the same guy that now plays with Om. He also has a solo project called Lichens where he loops his vocals into drones and then mostly plays guitar over it. Some spooky shit sometimes (but it doesn't compare to my Halloween tale of terror). I wish I could find a sound sample to post, but I can't. However, you can listen to one here if so inclined:

Check out this site if you have a few moments. Mimaroglu has a ton of off-the-wall hard to find experimental music for the discerning listener.

Meteor shower tonight...

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