Sunday, November 29, 2009

Balloons & Bungas

I was looking on the internet over the weekend with my nephew trying to find a video of balloons per his request. I stumbled onto some really rad videos on Youtube that I thought I would share just in case you care:

This one is a cool snippet of some hot air balloon festival. I noticed that some of the balloons never made it off the ground.

Here's some skater punks shredding it up and somehow it's not so tough with all of the multicolor balloons...but still pretty awesome (sorry, but I couldn't embed this but you can click to see it).

Last one is all about bubbles. It's an excerpt from the Discovery Channel and it features this bubble artist. Excellent bubble visuals!

Also, my partner bought me a variety pack of Saranac beer tonight and I've gotta say that the Maple Porter is supreme. I've gotta get more. There's a slight hint of pancakes...the perfect breakfast beer.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

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