Sunday, August 1, 2010

Way Down South

Harry Pussy's Bill Orcutt released a great album of 4-string guitar formulations in September 2009. That album was on fire. He single-handedly killed any notions of limitations with an acoustic guitar. The sound that resulted from this album is definitely abrasive but also bluesy at times. It's a truly unique outing. "Even at its wild & wooliest, there’s always a harmonic logic at the core of Bill’s playing; definitely not a straight “noise guitar” outing but rather something approaching the true coltrane “sheets of sound” ethos ..." says KFW on his Mimaroglu write-up. So, if that sounds like your thing, check out this video which features footage from Bill's latest tour. This show was at Brickbat Books in Philly. There's a highlight for me around gets a little tender.

Bill Orcutt - live @ Brickbat Books 07-22-2010 from Breathmint on Vimeo.

I post this in the hopes that Bill will consider coming through NC when he resumes his tour schedule. I've been in touch and I am trying to arrange something. If it doesn't work out, at least he came through our world via Wrinkleboro, right? I'll keep you posted on the status of this effort. In the meantime, visit Bill's Palilalia record label. There's a new one-sided 12" that looks pretty gnarly.

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