Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Art Lord and the Self Portraits ca. 2004

Ashley WeinbergerThis poster reminded me of that thing that Sean Connery fights in Time Bandits. The poster is for a show tonight at Nighlight featuring, among others, Greensboro's Mutant League, described by NL's emailbot as having "a lo-fi approach reminiscent of Haunted House or those early Art Lord tapes."Art Lord and the Self Portraits being, of course, the precursor to the 22nd-century-era-Frank-Sinatraesque Future Islands. I was reminded of an old Art Lord tape that I had. This was recorded October 24 in Carrboro, NC (opening for El Vez!?). These guys had a ridiculous show schedule during this time period... not quite a year before they toured with Dan Deacon and, legend has it, got their big break. And while we're getting round about, I think I've got a Haunted House live show somewhere, too. See if I can scrounge that up... Incidentally, genius riff on techno-atheism courtesy beeelzabub below.


  1. That show schedule is insane...did they pull that off? Was that real?

  2. Looks like they're still doing it. My god: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=57735600&blogId=343315209
    Then there's Part 2!
    Coming to Raleigh Hopscotch festival: http://hopscotchmusicfest.com/bands/

    Wrinkleman and borobabies, we should hit that hopscotch festival, no?