Sunday, April 11, 2010

Unique Codes of the Forest

If anyone wants to cash these in, I have two free downloads available from a recent purchase of the Forest Swords 'Dagger Paths' LP. I already have a digital copy of this album, so feel free to redeem these at Just enter the code: oen4crti

This is Olde English Spelling Bee release #48 and it's quite the jam. Here's a review from Volcanic Tongue:

"Mind-blowing out of nowhere debut for this solo UK underground project based in the Wirral in Merseyside. Forest Swords work as a Hypnagogic update of classic UK underground modes, importing psychedelic hip-hop and R ‘n’ B production styles into the kind of eccentric art-pop settings of Simon Wickham-Smith and Richard Youngs, Two Daughters, Dome, The Shadow Ring et al. The music is hypnotically lush minimalism, sometime using synthesised ghost vocals over dubbed-up Julian Lynch style bass and beautiful smears of drone. Forest Swords talks of his love for Aaliyah’s work with Timbaland and there’s a sleight of hand going on here which is comparable to Daniel Lopatin’s seductive use of screwed hip hop styles in drone/underground settings. Here Forest Swords come over as a Hypnagogic Aphex Twin, with the stoned production style of Selected Ambient Works usurped by crude minimal Spacemen/Velvets guitar and some F/X heavy DIY remix styles. It’s a fantastic trip, with something indefinably bleak/lovely in its evocation of lonely late night England. Dagger Paths consists of specially re-mastered versions of tracks from the out of print cassettes Miarches and Glory Gongs along with brand new material. Full colour pro-printed sleeves and insert with a MP3 download. A classic UK underground side, bolstering the tradition while taking it somewhere else completely. Highly recommended."

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  1. I love this record too!

    check this mix they did:

    been jammin on this a while