Thursday, April 8, 2010

Samba de Morro

Hold up, wait just one milli-second. I've just decided to post another link directly from Root Blog. This is another installment in the Mississippi Records Tape Series. It's Volume 45 – Samba De Morro - and it's one of the best for sure. All of these tape releases that I've heard thus far are stellar, but this Samba de Morro mixtape is some of the best music I've experienced in a really long time. Experimental stuff is usually my shtick but this has shaken me from my usual leanings for something well worth the time. It's really messing with my's great with this music on for everyone, hands down. Please do yourself a favor and check this out. Also, it's kind of trippy with headphones because it bounces back and forth between each ear.

Here you go>


  1. repost please? link is dead.

  2. hmmmmmn, the link worked for me just now when i clicked on it. try getting a running start and then clicking on your mousepad at a 45 degree angle with a little bit of butter (or olive oil if you have a heart condition) on the tip of your index phalanx.

  3. hey! i made this tape! glad you like it ~