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It's only almost the end of February already, and I'm probably the only one still posting lists for 2011, but I need to finish this one before it's not relevant anymore. So, here's my top 10 of last year. These are 10 strong albums that I've had on my player pretty consistently over the past year. Each one is capable of taking me to other dimensions, realms of otherworldly astral body consciousness. I'm totally not kidding. However, I'm probably not explaining it very well, but that is part of my criteria for determining if a record really moves me to the point of making it a steady standby. I was surely moved in some apparitional way by the following titles (and select others that were previously listed):

10. United Waters – Your First Ever River (Arbitrary Signs) 

9. Graham Lambkin – Amateur Doubles (Kye) 

8. Grouper – A I A: Alien Observer / Dream Loss (Yellow Electric) 

7. John Wall/Alex Rodgers – Work 2006–2011 (Entr'acte) 

 6. Andre Vida – Brud Volumes I-III (Pan) 

5. Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides – Low Fired Clay Escape (Carnivals) 

4. Artur Zmijewski – Singing Lesson (Tochnit Aleph) 

3. Hisato Higuchi / Zelienople – Tsuki No Seika Vol 4 (Root Strata) 

2. Call Back the Giants – The Rising (Kye) 

1. Rene Hell – The Terminal Symphony (Type) 

Special mention goes to Radio Web Macba's Curatorial series, specifically the Interruptions podcasts from the likes of Florian Hecker, Marcus Schmickler, and Felix Kubin.  Check these out here if you are interested...mindblowing stuff, methinks.  

Here's to another year of adventurous listening and blowing minds with aural possibility.  Cheerio!!  

(Top reissues of 2011 to come, but probably not anytime soon)  

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