Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Saddle Circuitry

the circuit fellow told me to honeymoon in the red means being out of breath------ a lady sharon evilly exercises in the gym during it all---------- my left hand sketches women getting young by the pro bakery------------ their coats emitting filled out smoke, see those baby socks----------- in an instant tuesday's saturday and that grass is fresh cut----------- cats are all in crisis when you get back, coughing and wooly bearded----------- you talked about earlier how you had never heard of it------------ frostbite would never touch the beach bods of basra, naked and urinating----------- a black voiceover for the entire time, drugs become the grocery------------ icing this nice grocery for a planted pillow for a sun fried face-------------- i think the bleach has grown to help resurrect some definitions------------ invention redefined to make no comfort happen tomorrow----------- who are those old people your mom brought in the house suddenly---------- it's deadly calm, manage to develop a little heartache here----------- the earth's veggies need sunlight so i'm leaving to help----------- you ok with entertainment, you always ok little vanja----------- we are conspiring with gravity with our coke noses in pop tents---------- our cracked shadows can emerge from the houses that are down-------- bromide's alluvial nucleus

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