Wednesday, August 3, 2011

hint for the shrinkage

mug, go to your waffle?
fish, a possible parallel reality, yes
mug, to what extent the salt in the pie?
fish, except for three
mug, except four, then?
fish, a joke on your grave
mug, I do not Spielerei, I am the real thing
fish, especially fish and
mug, especially if the war god was eating potatoes
fish, certainly if a stable relationship to better access the modem port implies
mug, keep up with me all the time to calibrate
fish, then you must measure out proportions, but more
mug, measure to ensure your blackheads
fish; suffering pales with some ass
mug, as the worth he leaves his cabinet
hint, I'm just not what I am
shrinkage, you're more Nug
hint, I'm more, I provoke
shrinkage, provokes you?
hint, for example
shrinkage, but who me?
hint, yes you, you, you, you can ,....
shrinkage, but I do not
hint, that does not much?
shrinkage, that I will not take as much as possible
hint, but never as much as I am more and provoke
shrinkage, with age, you never get
hint, just
shrinkage, you're a pushover
hint, you think you can do something but you do not touch me. I'm high
shrinkage, how high
hint, higher, always a little higher
shrinkage, do you never think about falling?
hint, my thinking is always taking off
shrinkage, my valley is always thought

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