Saturday, December 11, 2010



TUES 12.14.10 : : : : 9PM:::::@ Meadows of Dan

Last minute show for touring NNA Tapes folks coming from Vermont :

TOBY ARONSON - cool glass of water new age synth arpeggiations, runs the NNA Tapes label (releases by Caboladies/Oneohtrix Point Never, Pulse Emitter, Driphouse, Ryan Garbes, Josh Burke, more ...)

TOOTH ACHE - solo synth pop, dream diva vocals ...


BOYZONE - last BZ show of the year, post-colombian compositions / love thumps / psychodrama / dark wrestling enactments / teeth to strings, people are using each other to make love with themselves

INSPECTOR 22 - local favorite Satanic folk pop, Todd E bringing the life eclipse. He has an excellent new cd-r/cassette on

Bring any dollar amount for the touring bands, BYOB

Meadows is at 112 HANNA ST CARRBORO NC

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