Monday, May 3, 2010

droppin' dimes in da alley

To commemorate a just-today-ended and very-successful-if-i-don't-mind-saying academic year (my first as an information scientist), I dropped $49.48 at CD Alley on rad local tunes.  This spree was prompted in part by the fact that David let me double the size of our garden with his tiller last weekend. I was stunned at the bald kindness of this neighborly gesture, a hand across the water of our two western boro(ough)s. Seriously, you cannot imagine how much time that Tecumseh engine saved us. Bonus points: we tilled a space that had been covered for weeks by a tarp for weed killing purposes, and which had subsequently been infested by about a billion slugs. We tilled them into many un-neat pieces, and then the birds stuffed themselves silly. I did not tell David I had enjoyed his tiller in quite this way. SSSHHHHHH.

Anyway, when I picked it up from him - in the face of all this stunning kindness remember - I had to apologize for missing the In the Year of the Pig CD release show. He then offered to give me a copy of Jamón. Are you kidding me? I can't take this man's tiller and then take his hard earned CDs too! I saw this as a sign that it was high time to visit the record store.

Mostly these days the only music I pay for is my friends', which happily puts a dent in the wallet. At the store I also picked up two records from Hot Releases: Boyzone's Menarche and Russian Tsarlag's Open Casket. I had a heck of a time telling what speed I should play those Ruskies at! Settled on 45, but a go at 33 awaits.

Let me tell you about Jamón. I might just have found something that rocks harder than Toys In the Attic. These guys are superstars. I'm listening to it real loud right now. You should too.

Finally, I was stoked to find that UNC's student-run Vinyl Records released a Lake Inferior 10" vinyl EP. It's thick as hell, with nice art, and free digital downloads. Props for pulling that off, that's major. I know because I'm starting my own student group and 151 gram vinyl seems so very far away.

It's pretty cool to be able to conjure your friends out of thin air and hear their voices and noises on the stereo. Hello Carrboro summer.


Secret Boyfriend @ Nightlight - April 9, 2010 from kevin.eugene.clark on Vimeo.

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