Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Witted Boas

Saw some killer saber-tooth music late last night. Infinite Body had a microphone growing out of his sassing. Earn made me melt with wishes of ear protection. America Reads was on a rhythmic role with chromatic visuals that digitized my life. Made me realize how to live. The t-shirt bleeds blue and is a lovely experiment in the washer. Loving the Ekhein tape label. The new Earn and Infinite Body releases got the power to sooth the dope sawtooth. Yeah, some nice random pics to boot as well. Also, N.W.A.'s EFIL4ZAGGIN is the fucking bomb that I can jam when no one else is home. I'm planting herbs and it's some gansta-ass gardening...you've seen it probably on the Spice channel. Keep it real homies. Got to take a bath now...more pics in next post (and yes, I'm posting from the bathtub...Gummo style)!

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