Friday, October 30, 2009

The Mist Stole the Night

It was midnight in the kooky cemetery
A rat was pouncing by with blood coming out of his paws
He started to lick his paw, I'm thirsty
Then, he was suddenly in nirvana
He started to foam and epilepsy
but nothing hurt and he loved the cool air
Hi says the skies, blackened with moonshadows
Keyboards are summoning me, now I'm blowing
blowing out the fires of greed and/or hatred
but the cursed night is strong
The rat looked everywhere around him
He noticed all the headstones and his eyes were lit
Growling sounds emerged from the dirt
So, kids started playing music boxes in the dark
There was lots of hushed giggles and then blood started falling
falling from the trees like rain
A sword descended from the stars
Two and half years past frozen in time
After the rat came down from the bed of light and haze
He found out about a brother who was buried
He now had powers to save the chosen few
One wish that was somehow spoken by none and heard by all
Only everything is dark and I wish for early light
Sound the trumpets
Light spewed from the rat eyes and blood mixed into it
The sword twirled and the light reflected into the sky
A voice commanded the crown to appoint
the figure wan, the rat, the infernal king of cosmimicry
Now tears are permanent for everyone!

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